Going To Be A Vegas Chapel Bride? What And How To Pack

If you are a bride traveling to Las Vegas for your wedding at one of those classic little chapels (like A Little White Wedding Chapel), you may be wondering what and how to pack for your trip, especially if you're traveling on the cheap or getting married with little preparation. Here are some tips, so you don't forget essentials and can have the wedding of your dreams, whether it's just the two of you in a drive-through or surrounded by your loved ones and Elvis.

Your Wedding Dress

Unless you are purchasing or renting a wedding dress at your destination or wearing street clothes, you'll likely be bringing a wedding dress with you. This is a great idea as it can really help personalize a wedding where many elements, like the bouquets, photos, and even the witnesses, are provided by the chapel.

If shipping your dress ahead of time to your hotel concierge isn't feasible, and you are traveling by air, you will need to do a bit of recon. Call the airline, and ask about whether or not they can guarantee you hanging space for your dress on your flight.

If hanging the dress isn't a slam dunk and you may have to use the overhead bin, purchase a dress box with acid-free tissue (online or from a dry cleaner), and pack your dress correctly for air travel. You can always have the dress steamed or do it yourself once you reach Las Vegas. Think about where you can store it if you don't want your partner to see it before the wedding.

Clothing Appropriate for Vegas Weather

Most people know the weather in Vegas ranges from warm to hot during the day. However, you should be prepared for heavy air conditioning indoors on hot days and cool to downright cold nights the rest of the year by packing layers to keep you warm when needed. The rest of the time, light sleeves, short sleeves, or no sleeves at all will be perfect.

Recreational Gear

Don't forget to pack anything you need for outdoor activities beyond just walking the Strip or Fremont Street. You may want a swimsuit as well as a hat and sunglasses or shorts and athletic shoes if you go for a hike. A refillable water bottle will be your best friend.

Togs for Evening Entertainment

Evening wear in Vegas ranges from super casual to ultra glamorous. Try to find out about dress codes in advance of your trip, so you're not caught without the right apparel.

Ladies usually get a little more slack than the gents at clubs and restaurants, but you still don't want to look out of place. Dress jeans with a glittery top and heels will generally work at most places.


Speaking of those heels, if you've never been to Vegas before, know that the blocks are long, the casinos are huge, and a lot of walking can do a number on your little piggies. Unless you'll be cabbing it everywhere, you'll probably want a wedge over a stiletto heel.

Other footwear to consider bringing includes shoes for your ceremony and flats, like sandals, that can double at the pool or spa. Throw some blister balm and padded bandages in your luggage just to be on the safe side.

The Perfect Bag

Just like your shoes, you want your bag to be perfect for those long walks too. A convertible cross-body bag with a removable strap lets you keep your purse close to you on the street and in crowded venues and change it over to a clutch for more formal needs, like dining out. If you select a color like ivory or blush, you can use it at your wedding ceremony too.

A Vegas "Survival Bag"

When packing your cosmetic case, think of it more like a Vegas "survival bag" than a typical travel case. In addition to your usual items and the blister care mentioned above, make sure to include the following:

  • sunscreen
  • wipes/hand sanitizer
  • mani/pedi touch-up kit with foot buffer
  • aspirin or ibuprofen
  • ear plugs
  • eye mask
  • desert-ready lip balm and moisturizer
  • emergency sewing kit
  • laundry detergent stick

If you invite friends or family along, Vegas survival bags in male and female versions make great gifts. Let the chapel handle everything else, and if you take care of the items above, you'll be ready for the biggest day of your life!

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