4 Ways to Make a Winter Wedding Happen Fast

If you have decided that you want to get married now, and you are not interested in waiting any longer to publicly declare your love for your significant other, here are four tips that will help you pull together a nice wedding quickly without its costing you a lot of money.

#1: Find a Location for the Ceremony

When you want to get married quickly, you are going to have to get creative with locations. See whether there are any photography studios in the area that would be willing to rent out their space and perhaps provide a few decorations for your wedding ceremony as well. You could also get married in the party room of a local restaurant. 

#2: Use a Restaurant for the Reception

Restaurants usually do not require booking months in advance for a large party or even for one of their event rooms. Call up local restaurants in the area and see what size of party they can accommodate with only a few weeks' notice or to see whether they have any events rooms open. Try calling restaurants that you enjoying dining at; it is even better if you have a relationship with the manger or wait staff.

See whether you can bring your own dessert and have a friend or family member make cupcakes or a simple cake for dessert.

If you are able to reserve a section of the restaurant or book an event room, you can easily have the restaurant take care of your food. This will save you a lot of stress trying to find a catering company, as most catering companies require you to book more than a month in advance.

#3: Use the Supermarket for Flowers

For flowers to decorate where you will have your wedding and reception as well as for the flowers that the bridal party will hold while walking down the aisle, just go to your local supermarket. You should be able to pick up and purchase flowers a day or two before your wedding and still have them look great on your wedding day. Bouquets are generally cheaper at your local supermarket than they are with a florist. If you choose this option, though, you are going to have to be flexible with flower type and color, as you will be limited to what the supermarket has in stock.

#4: Get Creative with Clothing

Finally, get creative with clothing. You don't have to wear a white wedding dress. Instead, head out to the local stores that sell dresses for all occasions and find a dress in a color and fit that you love. If you are having bridesmaids, encourage them to wear dresses that they already have.

For the groom, use a tux or suit that he already has, but dress it up with a new dress shirt, new shoes, or a new tie. Or, if suits are not really his thing, stick to dress pants and a dress shirt for him and his groomsmen.

The key to planning a quick wedding is to be flexible and get a little creative with your location, outfit, and flowers. With a little flexibility and creatively, you'll be able to spend a special day celebrating your commitment to your new spouse.

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