Need to Rent a Wedding Venue? 4 Questions to Ask About Their Amenities & Services

When you rent a venue for a wedding, you usually want to rent more than the physical space. You want access to additional amenities and services as well. Here are four different services and amenities you should ask about when renting a private event space for your wedding.

1. Are there chairs, tables, and linens for you to use? 

First, you need to find out if the venue will provide you with chairs and tables to use, or if you need to find an outside vendor to rent them from. Being able to rent the chairs and tables from the venue, and not having to cart in outside chairs and tables, can make setting-up for an event go a lot smoother. Also, see if they provide linens on-site. Most places should be able to provide you with basic white linens, although you may need to go with a linen rental service if you want more interestingly colored linens.  

Many wedding venues will provide basic packages that include items such as chairs, tables, and linens. This is a very common, basic level reception venue package most places you contact should be able to offer.  

2. Is there on-site audio-visual equipment? 

Second, find out if there is on-site audio-visual equipment. It can be really nice to have audio-visual equipment on-site, as that means that the equipment was bought just for that venue. The equipment should produce high-quality sound for that venue when all of the speakers and equipment was purchased for that space, and the venue already knowns the best places to set-up all of the speakers, which can be challenging to figure out in a new space even for an experience audio-visual sound technician.  

Some wedding venues will be able to offer you on-site audio-visual equipment in a more advanced wedding venue package. Other venues may not be able to offer you a package, but they may have a list of recommended vendors that they work with that you may be able to use and even get a discount for using due to the venue's recommendation.  

3. Is there a kitchen an outside catering crew can use? 

Third, most events include the consumption of some food. Is there a kitchen that can be used by an outside catering crew? Can they just use the counters and appliances, or is there kitchen equipment like bowls that they can use as well? Being able to allow your team to use the kitchen can be really helpful.  

If a location has a kitchen on-site, most wedding venue locations will offer you in the venue rental package the ability to just rent the venue, or the ability to rent the kitchen and the venue together. When checking out the venue, be sure to check and see if there is a package option that includes the use of the kitchen.  

4. Is there any on-site set-up or clean-up crew one can hire? 

Finally, is there an on-site set-up or clean-up crew that you can hire or that is included with the rental? When you are putting on an event, you can never have too many people helping with set-up and clean-up. Having paid help getting the event together and cleaning the event up can allow you to focus on enjoying the event, knowing you have the staff to support you.  

Most wedding venues understand the value of offering more than a physical location for the wedding and may have a small on-site set-up or cleaning crew that you can add toy your venue package.  

Before you rent a space, make sure that you not only like the space but that you also like the service and amenities that the space offers. Getting the right services and amenities can make planning your event easier. Talk to venues that offer wedding venue packages to learn more.

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