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Weddings are very special days where two people come together and officially decide to live life as a combined unit. While these days can be a great source of joy, they can also make for an inordinate amount of stress. Weddings require planning: extensive planning. The more people involved, the more planning required for a successful event.

What is essential to any great wedding plan is to pick the perfect wedding venue package.

Choosing A Wedding Venue Package

Whether you are seeking a small or large company to aid in finding the best wedding venues packages, there are key factors to determine for yourself before making a decision. Many companies will try to appeal your emotions as you seek a package. Don't be swayed by their words, pay attention to their deals.

Be mindful of all the following ideas as you figure out which wedding venue package works best for you. And always make sure you are consulting a wedding planner in-person or online. There are a number of online resources like The Guide that serve as a great starting point for people unfamiliar with the process.


The first idea to consider when planning a wedding is the budget. There are a lot of moving pieces that will need to be compensated for with the event. Once you have outlined a budget for yourself, you will have a better idea of what you can afford including: location, food, and other activities.

Wedding Location

Will the wedding be inside or outside? Will the wedding take place in-state or out-of-state. Companies like Wedding Spot specialize in finding venues that match a client's specific needs. This includes finding venues that are specific to your state and even city. Keep in mind, the location does not need to be expensive to be memorable.

What's The Weather?

Weather can be unpredictable at times, especially for outdoor weddings. Always take the weather into account when purchasing a wedding venue package. Some places may offer partial discounts, but don't expect this from every company. Discuss this beforehand with the wedding planner so that you have a plan B if necessary.

People Capacity

Venues will only accommodate a certain number of people. You should have an idea of the number of guests so that you can share that information with the wedding planner. This information, along with knowing if the wedding will occur inside or outside, will reduce the number of wedding venue packages available. Then making a final decision will be easier.

Time Frame

Having an idea for how long the event will take place may save some money depending on the desired venue. The longer the reservation, the more money needed. If the wedding will be short, be sure to communicate that.

Food, Music, and Other Activities

Included in some wedding venue packages is the option of having catered food, a performing DJ, and other things. The more you ask to have included, the more lively and memorable the event will be for all participating. Though that means more expenses too, which may be okay depending on your plan.

Wedding Bells

Plan, plan, and plan. The more planning you can accomplish, the smoother the wedding day will be for everyone involved. Wedding venues are important, and you want to pick the right one. The best wedding package may not be the cheapest, but it will include everything that will make an important day that much more special.

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