Tips for Hosting a Micro-Wedding

The pandemic has put a damper on many brides' plans for an elaborate wedding with a massive guest list. While the current rules for large gatherings vary from state to state and county to county, there is no reason that you cannot have a fabulous wedding—some would argue a better wedding—on a smaller scale. If you're planning a wedding, then read on to learn more about whether a micro wedding suits you and your partner. 

What is a micro-wedding?

A micro-wedding is a small wedding where just close friends and immediate family of the bride and groom are invited to the ceremony and reception. This is a necessity due to recent government restrictions limiting the size of gatherings, but it is also a pleasant shift that allows the couple to enter married life in a relaxed setting surrounding by people that love them.

How many guests is considered a small wedding?

Small means different things to different people. Brides Magazine tries to clear things up by stating that an intimate wedding is 50–75 guests, a small wedding is less than 50 guests, and a tiny/micro wedding is just 15 people. 

Why would you have a micro-wedding?

First and foremost, a micro-wedding is less expensive than a sit-down affair for 300 people. Newlyweds can put those savings towards an elaborate honeymoon or even a down payment on their first house. Also, inviting fewer people allows the couple to splurge on special details at the wedding venue that might not have been in the budget previously, like a gourmet meal instead of not-so-exciting chicken. 

What is included or eliminated from a micro-wedding?

Going small doesn't mean you can't have your first dance or toss the bouquet. On the contrary, a small wedding can still include everything a large wedding would. 

What are some micro-wedding reception venue ideas?

Your choice of wedding venues can get more creative when you are hosting a micro event. Options include renting out your favorite restaurant, setting up a private tent right on the beach, or the wine tasting room at a local winery. You can even contact a local zoo, museum, or historical house. They often host special events after hours for small groups.  

Smaller guest lists allow you to focus on the details and your loved ones, not the budget. Whether micro-weddings are the new normal or a passing phase remains to be seen. Right now, couples are embracing small. 

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