5 Questions To Help You Find Your Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme is one of the most important elements of the big day. It will set the tone for the affair, be a key part of pictures, and stay on the mind of your guests forever. But what if you're having trouble deciding on a theme or style? Here are five questions to answer that may help you.

1. What Do You Love About the Venue?

Your wedding venue can be a great source of inspiration. Are there great architectural details, a stunning view, or a charming building? Any of these could be your source of inspiration for your wedding theme. On a more basic level, the venue's appearance could help you choose between a formal and a casual wedding, an indoor or outside wedding, and a romantic or fun-loving wedding. 

2. How Did You Picture Your Day as a Child?

Think back a few years to when you have imagined your wedding day in the past. What did that day look like? While you probably don't want to remake it with every childish detail, those long-held desires could now be your inspiration. Just pursue them in a way that fits your adult personality.  

3. What Does Your House Look Like?

Go home and look around your living space to get a sense of what you like. What about your home decor do you love the most? People generally decorate with what makes them happy, so this can give great ideas for a wedding that also makes you happy. Similarly, look at your closet and find patterns and trends to help you craft a personalized wedding style. 

4. How Do You Want to Feel?

As you walk down the aisle, how do you want to feel about the experience? Do you want to feel like it's a romantic fairy tale or a huge party? Do you want to look around and see all your friends or just your fiancĂ©? Do you want to know that guests are experiencing something they've never seen at a wedding or that they feel comfortable and relaxed? These thoughts can be translated into a style. 

5. What Items Are Must-Haves?

Are there any particular decor items, clothing, or traditions that you simply must have at your wedding? Find inspiration through these. It could be anything from the color scheme of the centerpiece you fell in love with to the vintage look of a trellis to the romance of the unity candle you'll light. Even the smallest spark could provide the foundation for an overall style. 

Where to Start

By considering all these questions as a couple, you're sure to find something that inspires your big day. No matter what it is, you'll then be able to craft a set of nuptials that is as perfect as the day can get. Start today with the wedding professional of your choice. Or reach out to a venue like Pristine Chapel Lakeside to get started. 

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