What To Ask When Shopping For Your Wedding Dress

Are you heading to a bridal store to start your search for a wedding dress? You'll want to know the right questions to ask when you visit each bridal boutique to help with the shopping experience.

When Do You Need To Book An Appointment? 

Don't assume that you'll be able to just pop into a bridal boutique and start trying on dresses. Bridal boutiques often require that you make an appointment in advance so that they have a dedicated window of time to help you try on dresses. If you have friends and family members coming with you, it will definitely be in your best interest to ask about making an appointment far in advance, especially so you can line up multiple appointments in a row. 

When Is The Delivery Date For Dresses? 

You should be looking for a wedding dress well in advance of your wedding date. However, it's important to ask what the expected delivery date is for a dress. You don't want to end up in a situation where you find the dress you love, only to soon discover that it would not be ready before your wedding date. Ask about delivery dates up front so that you know if the bridal boutique is even an option to shop at.

In addition, you should also ask about the time frame for alterations. Some boutiques could have a long wait to make alterations, and that needs to fit into your time frame as well.

What Do You Need To Bring To An Appointment? 

The bridal boutique may have some recommendations for what you need to bring to your appointment. For example, it is common to request that people trying on dresses wear skin tone colored undergarments. You may also be asked to bring in photos of dresses that you like and do not like, which can help guide the dress selection process. 

How Do You Buy A Dress You Love?

Buying a wedding dress is not as simple as taking it up to the register and putting it on the credit card. Ask what the process looks like to actually buy a dress when you're ready. You may need to place a deposit on the dress, pay in full, and come back for a future appointment to take measurements. This will help prevent you from running into any problems that can cause a delay in ordering your favorite dress. 

Reach out to a wedding dress retailer that has a variety of dresses available, including Made With Love Bridal Gowns, to learn more.

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